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Wedding-Packages at Paripa Csárda

The prices are valid for 2022!

Menu and Packages: (The package rates apply for a period of 10 hours!)

18 500 HUF / person:

- Chicken soup / homemade chicken / with spiral pasta
- Stuffed Cabbage (sweet or sour)
- Mixed roasts / fried pork chop, stuffed turkey breast with cheese, roast spare ribs, roasted chicken breast, fried mushrooms and cauliflower, rice, fried potatoes, mixed vegetables, pickles
Midnight menu: Fried chicken legs, meatloaf balls, French, potato and fresh salad.  
Unlimited drink consumption:
- Draft beer /Soproni /
- 4 kinds of bottled wine,
- Pepsi Products,
- Juices / Rauch products /
- Mineral water,
- Coffee, Capuccino, Latte Machiato

23 500 HUF / person

Dinner is the same, drink the same, plus unlimited consumption of alcoholic drinks / Baileys, Jagermaister, Unicum, Jim Beam, Ballantines, Johnie Walker, Bacardi, Vodka, Cognac, Berentzen Liqueurs, Homemade Brandy (Pálinka)

25 500 HUF / person

Dinner is the same, all drinks are unlimited, and cocktails with mixer and fruit corner.

35 000 HUF / person

Food and drink are the same, mixer, fruit corner, unlimited salty and sweet cake.
All rooms / nearly 35 guests /.
Completely private. / min 120 people /.
Outdoor baking on spit.


We hope that you liked our offer and we can meet in the restaurant!

Do not hesitate to contact us, if you need any further information.