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Additional information and opportunities to organize your Wedding

Room rental fee: 100.000 HUF under 100 guests (for Great Hall)

Discounts for children: 0-3 years free, 50% discount for children aged 3-12.

On weekdays (Monday-Thursday) we provide a 15% discount on package prices for any day.

Outdoor Baking / pork or turkey on outdoor spit /for midnight dinner
+ 70 000 HUF.

 We offer for the young couple a free room with breakfast.

The Municipality has accepted the barn for outdoor marriage, we can provide the necessary equipment, loudspeaker, location for 80 000 HUF.

Guest-waiting buffet in the afternoon (Prices are valid for 1 hour):

* 2500 Ft / person (Contains: salty „bow”, scones, soft drinks, draft beer, coffee, cappucino, latte macchiato)
* 3200 Ft / person (Contains: scones, 5 kinds of mini sandwiches: cheese, eggplant cream,  ham, salami, salmon, etc., drinks are the same as in the first package).
* 3600 Ft / person (Contains: meatballs, chicken breast, bacon with chicken-liver, roasted chicken legs, chicken breast stuffed with cheese, French-, potato- and fresh salads, drinks the same as in the first package).
* 4300 Ft / person (Contents: same as in the 3300 Ft package, plus pork medalion in Paris coat).

We can accommodate 32-35 people at 7000 HUF / person.

Thank you for your confidence!
Do not hesitate to contact us, if you need any further information!


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