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We organize Company- Events

Paripa Csárda is perfectly suitable for transacting a business event. Companies can choose from several rooms. In winter, the Great Hall and the „Wine Cellar” can be used and in summer our Terrace covered with cane-roof can be used too. Each room has headcount limits, which are:

    - Great Hall: up to 160 people
    - Wine Cellar: up to 80 people
    - Terrace covered with cane-roof: up to 70 people.

    We offer several opportunities for organizing an event. Thanks to our beehive oven, we can bake traditional bread-scone for our groups.

In our outdoor oven, we can prepare special dishes, which cannot be prepared in the same way in a traditional oven. We can also organize a folklore dance show, a historical archery show and a horse show, thanks to our possibilities.

Contact us to prepare your unique offers!

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